44 Ft Helia Catamaran (Air-Conditioned) - Martinik Чартери чамаца

О овој јахти

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 with Volvo Diesel 2 x 40HP Engines is an amazing 44 ft catamaran. The dimensions of this beauty: Length, 13.3 meters; width, 7.4 meters; draft, 1.15 meters. The capacity of this beauty is 10 people (skipper obligatory so 9 pax max) but for the maximum comfort we recommend only 8 passengers.

44 ft Helia Catamaran is a very comfortable catamaran with big spaces and very effective sailing. For your comfort when sailing in the West Indies and in order to save you some speed, we mounted folding three-blade propellers on the 44 ft Helia Catamaran.

In the saloon, there is plenty of storage and a large table to accommodate all passengers very comfortably. A large bay window is a link between the square and the cockpit.

For your comfort, she has 4 double cabins, 4 bathrooms, 2 single berths in the front ends (access by the deck or front cabins), and 1 sunbath with cushions under the boom. She is also energy independent, has an independent freezer, and is equipped with desalinators with a production of 120 to 180 liters/hour. You can have a 9.8hp HB engine for free on request.

We have a total of 3 Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Catamarans for you. She is the perfect choice for a group of 8 or 10 passengers. You can hire 1, 2, or all 3 Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Catamaran according to your requirement.

The rent payment includes the comfort of the following equipment for you:
  • Freezer (90L).
  • Converter 12 / 220V 350 watts.
  • Desalinizer of 120L / hour minimum.
  • Outdoor shower with hot water.
  • Freshwater and seawater under pressure at the sink.
  • Garmin equipment with chartplotter at map table (visible from helm station).
  • Raymarine equipment with chartplotter at map table.
  • Side protections of cockpit.
  • Refrigerator (110L).
  • Sound system with fusion station (USB Bluetooth).

Trip Details

*All charter agreements Start at 6:00 PM. Early check-in can be done on request.

Security Deposit = €4000
Residual Security (If damage waiver) = 

  • thumb Изаберите брод по свом избору
  • thumb Попуните наш једноставан образац захтева за резервацију
  • thumb Потврдићемо у року од неколико сати
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Нудимо следећа путовања

  • Weekly Charter
    €3250 EUR

    Booking does not include:
    Air transport and transfers
    Fuel and fuel on return trip
    Customs duties

    Additional Week Charter Rates (if you re-reserve the charter for the 2nd and 3rd Weeks):
    From: 2019-12-21 To: 2020-01-08 = €6180
    From: 2020-12-21 To: 2021-01-08 = €6180
    From: 2020-01-09 To: 2020-02-09 = €5500
    From: 2020-03-13 To: 2020-03-31 = €5500
    From: 2020-02-10 To: 2020-03-12 = €5660
    From: 2020-04-01 To: 2020-05-01 = €4700
    From: 2020-05-02 To: 2020-05-31 = €4050
    From: 2020-07-01 To: 2020-08-31 = €4050
    From: 2020-11-01 To: 2020-12-20 = €4050
    From: 2020-06-01 To: 2020-06-30 = €3300
    From: 2020-09-01 To: 2020-10-31 = €3300

    "All inclusive" package (supply, alcohol, mooring fees, visa, fuel...): 40€/days/persons 40 EUR, Airport - Marina transfer: Up to 5 people 68€ then 12€/additional person. 68 EUR, Damage waiver (mandatory when providing a skipper): 28€/ day and a deposit reduced to 500€. 28 EUR, Fishing rod 50€ (25€ if you don't bring back any fish) 50 EUR, Hostess: 135 euros/ day 135 EUR, Kayak 50 EUR, Skipper: 180€/ day 180 EUR, SUP: 15€ / days 15 EUR, Towels: 45€/ boat 45 EUR


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Која је разлика између приватне повеље и редовне/ заједничке/ јавне повеље?
Да ли нудите чартере без чамца?
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Одаберите време и датум закупа брода


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Price Calculation

Подразумевана стопа: 800 USD

Пак Укључено у подразумевану стопу: 4

Додатна стопа путника: 80 USD

Основна цена: 550 USD

Укупна цена: 550 USD

Депозит 0 USD

Стање: 550 USD

Још увек није потребно плаћање!
1/ Прво ћемо вам послати потврду о доступности чамца.
2/ Ако одлучите да кренете даље и резервишете чартер, можете само да кликнете на линк за плаћање, да уплатите мали депозит (макс. 15%). Веза за плаћање ће бити послата са потврдом доступности.
3/ Када се депозит уплати, добићете веома детаљну потврду путовања.

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  • Sep, 2022

    Леп дан за роњење са мојом шесточланом породицом. Воде су биле мирне и дубоке само 6 стопа, али морски живот је био невероватан. Чак и јастога.

  • Oct, 2022

    Одличан дан за пецање у становима. Ухваћена дозвола, Баракуда и огроман Тарпон. Капетан и чамац су били сјајни и створени за одличан дан!

  • Nov, 2022

    Невероватно путовање у дубоком мору. Отишли смо око 20 миља од обале и пронашли коров где смо ухватили тоне Махија! Урадићу то поново ускоро.