29.5 ft Maran 30 Speedboat

Boat Details

Length 29.5 ft
Speed 15-25 Knots

Trip Details

29.5 ft Maran 30 with 500cv power, is an amazing speedboat. The length of this beauty is 9 meter and width is 2.75 meter. The permitted capacity of this beauty is 12 passengers. Thanks to 500cv power, that's empower you to enjoy the speed upto 15 - 25 Knots.

She is equipped with the GPS, Depth meter, Swimming ladder for your comfort. You can hire this beauty to enjoy dolphin trips, snorkeling with turtles and for more fun!

Our experienced & skilled skipper will take you to the Caribbean north to meet dolphins and other cetaceans sailing along the Caribbean coast, on the coastline or at sea. After this start of excitement, you can swim in a wild bay or admire the magnificence of the coral bottoms that is ideal for the lovers of scuba diving. 

Enjoy the Caribbean coast, dolphins and turtles! Meet the dolphins and (if in summer) whales in the AGOA marine protected area, with frequently observed 15 species of cetaceans.

And other wondrous experiences are waiting for you in the south: tortoises and stars of the sea, seabirds, cave bats and beautiful coves of corals, swimming and snorkeling to explore the marine life.

You can go to the pier of Fort de France or Anse Mitan for a day. There's a real show in nature! An excursion at sea, to be never missed in Martinique.

You can hire this beauty also for the Sunset Tour, Parties (Birthday, Special Day, Beach party and more) and even for a wonderful Fishing Tour,

DOLPHIN WATCHING Excursion- Half Day (4h)

  • €660 EUR
  • Discover the North Caribbean wild coast to see the dolphins and (if in season) whales in AGOA's marine protected area, with 15 cetacean species frequently observed. A wonderful moment of exploration in their natural habitat of marine mammals.

    The morning continues with a coral reef bath at the foot of the Pelee mountain in an accessible cove just by the ocean. You will be landed palme, masks and snorkels to admire the multicolored fishes and seabed, all to explore.

    Included: Aperitif, rum, planter and fresh fruit will be offered during the excursion.

CORAL COVES AND TURTLES Excursion- Half Day (4h)

  • €660 EUR
  • Meet us on the pier of Fort de France or Anse Mitan to enjoy magical expirence in the small committees (boat capacity 12 seats), you can explore the south of the Caribbean, magical meetings are waiting for you.

    A remarkable experience to swim with turtles and sea stars, discover seabirds, cave bats, coral coves, swimming and snorkeling to discover the marine ecosystem.

    Palm, masks and snorkels will be loaned to you to swim with the turtles and admire the multicolored fish and the seabed, all to explore.

    Apero,  rum, planter and fresh fruit will be offered during the excursion.

    Included: Beverages and fresh fruits included. Masks and snorkels included.

    Departure: Fort de France and Anse Mitan (Three Islands)


  • €1140 EUR
  • From the quay of Fort-de-France or Anse Mitan, take a look at the dolphins and whales of Martinique with KairiDream. Our professional & skilled skipper will bring you comfortably and well shaded on a tiny board aboard their motor boat.

    On the program: navigation in the morning to find the North Caribbean wild coast for a dolphin watching and whales in summer. Snorkeling to explore the boat's offered seabed and aperitif. Local food and the coast of the South Caribbean with its coves of coral, the cave of bats. But tortoises and planets are still snorkeling to explore the seabed.

    An excursion to Martinique's map filled with magical moments for dolphin observation.

    Don't miss the opportunity to watch dolphins and whales in freedom in Martinique! Or even, swim with starfishes tortoises & Experience a dream!

    Included: The meal is included. Aperitif, rum, planter and fresh fruit will be offered during the excursion.